How it Work :

    You can read this simple article about : how ViralParse work?

    ViralParse give you the possibility to create a viral link that get shared all over the available social networks - ( Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Vk ) the 5 biggest social networks ever - by our visitors.

    What is viral link?

    To answer to this you should answer to this question : Have you already shorten your long URLs?
    ViralParse is the same, short your link and lock it with the social networks,
    That mean if someone want to get access to your short link he must share your Viral URL after getting access.

    A Simple Example :
    this is your URL : ViralParse get this link and make a short one like this can redirect to your URL, but when you share this link with your existing visitors they can get access to your URL : URL only if they share your ViralParse link ( ) in their social networks, add to this when their friends in social networks come to the same link they must do the same thing as the previous visitor.

    That mean if only you got 20 visits to your ViralParse link ( ) this 20 visitors will share the link with their friends and they will get 20 visits to each one that mean
    20 * 20 = 400
    and this 400 will do the same and get 20 visits to each one that also mean
    400 * 20 = 8000
    8000 * 20 = 160 000
    Yes you can get up to 160 000 visits daily to your website with just a simple click
    You don't need to pay any thing or to pay other websites just get your viral link + 20 visits and see your Analytic.

    The Links that can be Used :
    * Your website
    * An article URL
    * Download URL
    * Video URL
    * Affiliate Links
    * Referral Links

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